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Our Food Menu – Lunch & Dinner Menu


Dine-In, Take-Away & Room Delivery Menu





Crispy Baked Golden Cobb Loaf

With a trio of butters: Garlic Chive, Olive & Pesto, Sundried Tomato and Herb


Italiano Bruschetta

Traditional bruschetta favourite of chopped roma tomatoes w red onion & garlic w our garden fresh basil on a flat toasted Italian sourdough loaf


Atlantic Crust

Smoked salmon in Italian sourdough, capers, rocket, Parmesan & salsa Verde


Gourmet Bread Plate

Crispy warm flat bred & a medley of dips


Samurai Selection

Asian tapas plate with sesame prawn toast, spring rolls, dim sim, torpedo prawn & cocktail samosas with a trio of dips


Potato Wedges

Salsa & grilled cheese
Chilli sauce & sour cream



Crumbed Camembert

Golden crumbed Camembert segments served w orange & cranberry coulis


Beer Battered Coral Trout Goujon’s

Ocean fresh coral trout in a crispy beer batter w homemade lime aioli


Fraser Island Scallops

Eight Hervey Bay scallops in the half-shell grilled w Camembert, avocado & topped w fresh caviar. A famous Hervey Bay treat


Hervey Bay Scallops

Eight local scallops in the half-shell topped with spinach, salsa & bacon


Crispy Seasoned Squid with Wasabi Mayo

Fresh seasoned crispy squid with homestyle cafe wasabi mayo



Natural – lemon, ice & salt
Balaena – mornay w cheddar gratin
Kilpatrick – roasted w bacon & Worcestershire sauce

8 for $22
12 for $28

 Honey Prawn & Sesame Scallop Skewers

Tiger prawns marinated in sweet honey & soy, skewered w scallops, rice & greens

 Half $14
Full $22



The Original Octopus Salad

Sensationally seasoned octopus with a pineapple mango salsa & ginger sauce on fresh salad


Fruity Queenslander Surf Salad

Fresh prawns tossed through a green salad with zesty orange & macadamia nuts, house-blended lemon & basil dressing with toasted shaved coconut


Thai Calamari Salad

Fried calamari with green salad, snow pea sprouts, julienne carrots & spring onions, with a chilli fish sauce & coriander dressing & crispy Asian noodles


Cooloola Coast Chicken Cashew Salad

Lightly seasoned roasted chicken breast, fresh mango, toasted cashew nuts, seasonal salad with chefs blended chilli lime dressing and crispy Asian noodles


Living Well Signature Salad

Pumpkin and beetroot tossed w rocket & pine nuts rubbed with goats cheese dressed in reduced rosemary oil


Warm Cajun Beef Salad

Rare slivers of Cajun seared beef on a Balaena tossed salad with Thai jus.





Chicken Mango & Macadamia Filo

Queensland mangoes rolled with macadamia nuts & succulent chicken strips into a flaky filo pastry served with a petite salad, macadamia & mango sauce.


Rosemary Lamb Filo

Tender chunks of lightly seasoned lamb enfolded in a rich homemade rosemary & herb gravy. Wrapped in layers of golden filo pastry.


Wagyu Beef & Caramelised Onion Pie

Rich & juicy Wagyu beef chunks marinated in red wine, then enfolded in a homemade herb gravy with caramelised onion & garlic w Balaena green salad, chips and a mango & pawpaw chutney


Angus Beef Lasagne

Traditional Italian beef lasagne. Tender beef and creamy bechamel sauce between sheets of smooth pasta served with chips & salad


Roasted Pumpkin & Spinach Lasagne

Hearty butternut pumpkin layered with leafy Australian spinach in layers of pasta with golden baked cheese & a creamy sauce served with salad & crunch chips




  All open faced & served on soft toasted Turkish bread with grilled cheese and side salad  

Turkey Treat

Tender roasted turkey breast with blended avocado, semi sundried tomatoes, roasted capsicum & cranberry sauce topped with golden cheese


Chirpy Chicken

Lightly sauteed seasoned chicken breast, slivered ham, button mushrooms, tomatoes, smokey BBQ sauce & grilled tasty cheese


Queensland Tropical

An old time favourite with fresh Queensland pineapples, locally smoked leg ham & melted cheddar cheese



Experience a taste of Italy with fresh tomato Napoli, garlic, onion, roasted red capsicum, chorizo, kalamata olives, baked fetta & a golden melt of shaved parmesan


Caribbean Seafood

Scallops with shrimps, mussels, prawns & avocado with slivers of Tasmanian smoked salmon on light cream cheese & semi dried tomatoes, grilled with Balàena’s homestyle seafood sauce.




  All burgers served with seasoned wedges, tomato, onion, cucumber, rocket, lettuce & house dressing on a toasted Turkish roll  

Big Steak Burger

Tender fillet of beef steak, bacon, fried egg & melted cheese with smokey BBQ sauce


Honey Mustard Chicken Burger

Fresh grilled chicken breast, sliced & seasoned with our homestyle honey mustard mayo sauce


 Barramundi Burger

Fresh fillet of Australian barramundi with lime mayo aioli


Falafel Burger

Grilled falafel patties topped with avocado & pawpaw & mango chutney




Natural Prime Rib Eye Fillet Steak with Chips & Salad

For the purist tender steak fan, grilled, tender & mouth watering with pepper or mushroom sauce




Prime Rib Eye Fillet Steak

Fresh cut tender Australian rib fillet steak served on a mixed potato mash.Choose your style:

  • Hickory Smoked

    A real Tex-Mex flavour, seared & topped with a hickory smoked BBQ sauce on the grill

  • El Grande

    Seared & grilled steak with cheese sauce, tomato salsa & sliced jalapenos

  • Avocado Pina Colada

    Local Childers avocado on top of a grilled steak with creamy hollandaise sauce

  • The Sicilian

    Brown onion & garlic sauce with roasted olives, semi dried tomatoes & marinated mushrooms

  • Reef Ranger

    Fresh scallops & king prawns in a creamy garlic & white wine sauce


Jamaican Chicken Grill

Grilled chicken breast wrapped in bacon & stuffed with pesto, semi dried tomatoes & fetta cheese served with mixed mashed potato


Coastal Chicken Surf ‘n Turf

Fresh scallops with king prawns cooked in a creamy shallot sauce on a fresh grilled chicken breast with mixed mashed potato


Caribbean Chicken Breast

Grilled chicken breast topped with creamy avocado & grilled Camembert cheese on a bed of mixed potato mash


Australian Kangaroo Steak & Macadamia Nuts

Fresh lean fillet of Australian kangaroo steak grilled medium & dusted in light cajun sauce spice, served with macadamia, rocket & spinach salad


Tender Tandoori Chicken

Fresh chicken thigh fillets soaked in a delicious tandoori spice, grilled & finished with saffron rice & a fresh Balaena green salad


Lamb Shanks

Super soft oven roasted lamb shanks on the bone with a port wine & rosemary jus served with mixed mashed potato & vegetables

Full – $33
Half – $28

Pistachio Lamb Rack

Oven roasted lamb rack with a pistachio & rosemary crust on a savoury cous-cous w a minted herbed sauce baked to a medium rare










Chunky Potato Wedges



Gluten Friendly Vegetarian






Great Sandy Straits Seafood Fettucine

Fresh scallops & local king prawns with New Zealand mussels, shrimp & baby octopus, bound in a light cream shallot sauce folded through buttered egg fettuccine.


Coongul Creek Chicken Udon

Sauteed chicken, local Childers avocados & mangoes with lychees & lo-fat cream tossed in juicy udon noodles


Vital Vegetarian Pasta

Semi sundried tomatoes, chargrilled roasted capsicum wild field mushrooms, marinated eggplant & spinach tossed through a trio of vegetarian fettuccine & sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.


Black Rocks Beef Noodles

Wok tossed noodles with tender beef strips, Spanish onion, celery & sweet carrots in a black bean sauce. A traditional Asian delight.


Fettuccine Fiesta

Wok tossed buttered fettuccine with roasted chicken, cashew nuts, chorizo & baby spinach folded through a creamy Napoli sauce


Chicken Toledo

Fresh chicked w basil pesto, macadamia nuts, ham & mushrooms tossed through buttered egg fettuccine





The Ultimate Queenslander Barramundi

Fillet of grilled Australian barramundi w fresh scallops & sauteed king prawns in a wine, cream garlic sauce topped w macadamia nuts & served w mixed mashed potato & vegetables.


Hervey Bay Whiting Fillets

Salt & pepper crumbed & fried local whiting fillets served with a our tasty Balaena green salad accompanied with crunchy chips, lemon wedges & garlic aioli


Fiesty Fish Plate

Fillet of Tasmania Atlantic salmon, grilled medium on served with a rocket, caper and Parmesan salad and topped with a salsa verde.


Orchid Beach Garlic Prawns

Sauteed king prawns with tails on, in a tangy garlic, shallot, white wine & cream sauce served with saffron rice & a simple green salad


Red Canyon Hot Chilli Prawns

Sauteed king prawns in a sweet, creamy Hungarian paprika & white wine sauce, served with a crisp tortilla & Balaena’s tossed green salad


Central Station Coral Trout Fillet

Coastal coral trout fillet grilled w lemon & parsley butter w Balaena green salad, crunchy chips & lemon


Seafood Chowder

A thick, creamy broth of scallops, prawns & local harvest seafood w buttered Turkish bread.

Half $14
Full $21



  Fresh made to order – white, multigrain, sourdough or gluten-free bread. All served with chips  

Cafe Club Sandwich

Chicken, ham, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, cheese & homestyle dijonaise toasted on bread


Super Steak Sandwich

Tender cut of steak with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese & cucumber with smokey BBQ sauce toasted on bread


Salmon Tower Sandwich

Tasmanian smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, avocado, onion & mixed leaves on fresh bread



  A traditional lavash wrap, rolled & served with fresh tomatoes, onion & cucumber with lettuce leaves  

Vege Vibe Wrap

Hearty fresh salad greens & veggies with smooth, ripe avocado & creamy garlic aioli


Chicken Choice Wrap

Grilled roasted chicken breast with a French homestyle dressing



  Fresh made to order – white, multigrain, sourdough or gluten-free bread.

Leg Ham


Smoked Salmon






Tasty Cheese


Toasted – add $0.80


Extra Salad – add $2.50

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber & onion


Standard Extras – add $0.60 each

Alfalfa, lettuce, carrot, capsicum, cucumber, mushroom, onion or tomato


Deluxe Extras – add $0.90 each

Avocado, pineapple, roasted red capsicum, tasty cheese, cream cheese, semi dried tomatoes, olives or capers




Tenderloin Chicken Strips

With salt & vinegar seasoning, chips & salad


Fish & Chips

Crumbed whiting with salad, lemon & tartare sauce


Steak ‘n’ Cheese Burger

Fresh cut steak on a bun with grilled cheese & tomato sauce w chips & salad


Lasagna & chips

Homestyle beef lasagna with chips & salad


A surcharge of 15% applies on public holidays

Please note: All dishes are made to order and may take some time to prepare.

Alterations to menu items – $2 and waiting time.

Mantra room charges incur 10% handling fee. One bill per table.